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Insurance Carriers

Property & Casualty Claims

Lionsbridge Contractor Group is a national group of contractors dedicated to providing the highest quality service to howneowners and property owners.  Our partnership with insurance companies that handle policyholder property and casualty claims truly separates us from the competition.  Shareholders of Lionsbridge, receive qualified leads that come from insurance claims and property owners in need of home repair and restoration services.  The claims process is managed through our system for quality assurance, customer service and estimate accuracy.

High Standards in Property & Casualty Claims Restoration

We integrate the following principles in every insurance restoration project that we do:

  • Excellent Communication — Our electronic estimate auditing process and our customer satisfaction surveys are just a few of the ways that we gauge the performance of the insurance repair contractors in our group.  We give our clients total communication and evaluation power.

  • Dynamic Performance Metrics — We communicate key performance indicators in our comprehensive client report.  We evaluate each customer touch point throughout the entire casualty claim process as we measure cycle times.  We also provide comprehensive loss cost measurements.

  • Quality Assurance — We guarantee timely completion of you or your clients' property and casualty jobs.  Our insurance restoration specialists are vetted, experienced contractors that will always get the job done right.

Contractor Qualifying

Lionsbridge contractors are held to the highest standards and credentialing requirements. Below are the standards by which we hold all of the contractors in our network accountable:

  • Positive Track Record — Must have proven success and customer satisfaction.

  • Honest and Professional Business — Must perform business that is integrity driven.

  • Courteous Customer Service — Must commit to serving their clients first.

  • Record of Efficient Performance — Must have proven record of completing projects as quickly and inexpensively as possible while providing high-quality work.

  • Verification of Liability Insurance

  • Proven Company Financial Competency

  • Criminal and Violent Crime Background Checks on All Employees


Do you or your clients need insurance repairs done right and on time?

We are bridging the gap between policyholders, insurance carriers and contractors.

Let us show you how Lionsbridge can add additional value and customer service to your company.

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